Trees and Atmosphere for Seagrove

Hot, Hot, Hot! The weather has been way too hot to plant but not to plan. Trees Seagrove has been hard at work planning when and how to plant trees and further beautify the Clay Presnell Park in Seagrove. A lot of good ideas were introduced and discussed then given to Bob McCory from the NC Zoo to draw up a tentative site plan .The bulk of the plan was focused on increasing visibility for the Park entrance . It is on a deeply sloping hill and all that can be seen from the road is bare ground and a sign. Dogwoods , Redbuds and flowers will be added to increase visibility and awareness of the Park.

The site plan was presented to the Seagrove Town Council on 8/3/2010 by Trees Seagrove member Bonnie Burns.There were several questions about placement and suggestions to put more focus on the picnic area and the playground. There are no trees at all to shade the kids playing or families having a snack which places as much need there as at the entrance. After some discussion , the Town Council voted to approve the offer by Trees Seagrove to plant and beautify but with an altered site plan.

The month of October was selected for the actual planting because the weather tends to be cooler and it is easier to keep newly planted trees watered. Mike Walker, Trees Seagrove member, graciously offered to dig all holes with his auger to conserve time and blisters.

Trees Seagrove wants to partner with the Town and as many groups as possible to plan a festive tree-planting week-end. Hopefully, this will encourage all of Seagrove to come out and re-acquaint themselves with the Park or see it for the first time. Contacts and plans are being made now and details will be relayed when they are finalized.

If you want to help or have ideas, please use the blog contact and we will get back to you ASAP.