New "Grove" in Seagrove

On October 16th the NC Zoo and Trees Seagrove will partner to plant a whole new grove of trees in and around the Clay Presnell Park in Seagrove. Over 100 trees have been slated for planting around the existing sign,the walking path, children's play area and concession stand. With the help of Mike Walker's auger, holes will be dug for volunteers to fill with Red, White,Scarlet and Willow Oaks, Red buds and Dogwoods just to name a few.

The planting has a double theme. Not only will the Park be more beautiful but the leaves will produce more oxygen, which in turn will help combat global warming.

Seagrove School will conduct art contests in conjunction with the global warming theme . Prizes of pottery plaques decorated with the winner's name will be awarded as well as permanent plaques to adorn the trees. The winning artists will be able to plant their own trees and watch them grow as a living legacy to nature and the environment.

Music, information booths and concession stand food will round out the day as volunteers work to plant the new Grove.