Trees NC Partners for the Polar Bears

N.C. Zoo keeper and Trees NC partner Sara Monson will travel this weekend to the tundra in Manitoba, Canada for a week long Keeper Leadership Camp sponsored by Polar Bear International ( PBI), the world's leading polar bear conservation group. 

Joining 10 other zoo and aquarium professionals from around the world, Sara will spend a week in the "polar bear capital of the world", during the fall polar bear migration. 

"I am so excited to learn about communicating climate change from experts who see the effects of it firsthand.  Seeing polar bears in their natural environment will be a perk as well," said Monson.

Without doubt, Sara's upcoming trip will prove to be a life-changing experience - and will yield valuable knowledge to share with her fellow keepers at the N.C.Zoo.

Upon her return from Canada, Sara will play a lead role in a massive tree planting initiative that is being sponsored by Acres for the Atmosphere and Trees NC.

On Saturday October 10th, more than 100 volunteers are expected to gather at the Randolph Asheboro YMCA to plant 100 trees along a paved walking path at the facility.  A collaborative project, the event is planned with the hope of building awareness of the serious role that climate change is playing in demise of the natural habitat of the polar bear.

For more information about the Planting for the Polar Bears event, call 336-558-6966.

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