Bountiful Harvest at East Side Garden

The East Side Community Garden in Asheboro has been the scene of many a joyful gathering over these last few months. As the steamy Carolina summer rolls along, vegetables are harvested, flowers bloom, and garden beds are replaced with new crops.

Under the direction of Trees NC volunteer and Garden Mistress Deb Andrews, a loyal team meets every Monday afternoon at five for a special project. James, Bob, Vastine, Deb and other residents of East Side Homes vote on which vegetables will fill the raised beds in weeks to come. Weeding, watering and mulching sets the stage for laughter and lively conversation.

The East Side Community Garden has produced fresh healthy vegetables that are shared by garden participants and friends in the community. The garden provides exercise for senior citizens and education opportunities for youth at the neighboring Central Boys and Girls Club. But, perhaps the greatest bounty of all is the friendship and increased understanding that has grown between the core team who have worked hard for two years to keep this project vital and alive.

Thanks to all that have supported the East Side Community Garden!

(A special thanks goes to The Park Foundation, Resourceful Communities Program, Randolph Hospital Community Health Foundation, Natural Resources Conservation Service, The Rural Center, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Weed N' Win Garden Club, The Boys and Girls Club of Greater High Point, Weston's Feed and Seed, and Gold Hill Rd. Landscape Supply and Landfill.)

Owen George, Trees NC Board Member