Volunteers Keep Liberty Green and Clean

Here are a few photographs from this past October’s Big Sweep Clean Up at Freedom Park. The date for this was October 13.
A diverse

We had a variety of groups including Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and several Staff from Americhem. In the Group Photo (#022), there is a gentleman on the right side of the photo wearing a dark blue windbreaker and an orange hat.

  That is Jim Huston, Manager of the Americhem Plant. He encouraged their staff to participate as a community service initiative. The lady in the white Sweatshirt in front of him is Angie, his wife. 

He also brought both of his sons: one is the young fellow in the red sweat pants next to Angie and the other is the young man in cammie pants with the red tee shirt hanging out under his sweatshirt.
The CubScouts and Girl Scouts actually meet at Tabernacle MethodistChurch (Okay it is in Guilford County). The Girl Scouts come from Troop 40199 and Troop 2415 (Photo #009). 

The different numbers are simply different age groups (Daisies are the youngest girls, then Brownies, Juniors, Cadets and Seniors) Suzanne Stringer is the Leader of the overall Troops and she is the lady in the dark gray sweatshirt walking with the little girl in the chartreuse jacket (Photo #17). The Cub scouts are not pictured because they actually came in later. The adults and cubs are from Pack 426-again from Tabernacle Methodist.