Trees NC Supports Asheboro Arboretum

As we begin a new year, I reflect upon the countless individuals and organizations that have supported Trees NC since our founding 15 years ago.  Together, we have planted thousands of trees, inspired hundreds of kids to become stewards of the environment, and beautified dozens of locations across Randolph County. 

Of our many supporters over the years, two stand out for their heartfelt dedication: former Asheboro Mayor David Jarrell and current Mayor David Smith.  David Jarrell became a Trees NC supporter during our early days.   His support for a Mayor’s Grove helped the project become much bigger than we ever envisioned.  David Jarrell joined our board and became a “hands on” member of our team that planted trees in the East Side neighborhood and mentored members of the Central Boys and Girls Club.  When David Smith became Mayor in 2009, he was already a strong supporter of our work.  As Asheboro Mayor, David Smith has presided over our annual NC Arbor Day Celebrations, supported our East Side Community Garden and Grove, and today serves on our 1839 Asheboro Female Academy Stewardship Committee.  Trees NC has become a stronger organization due to the dedicated support of these truly amazing Asheboro Mayors.

Today, David Jarrell and David Smith are working together on a visionary project that will preserve and transform a historic Asheboro green space to become a unique public park, the Asheboro Arboretum.   The vision of the Arboretum is to be a restorative and tranquil refuge for visitors, and a protected habitat for plants and wildlife.  

Trees NC is honored to be part of the planning team for the Asheboro Arboretum. We have supported the project with a donation and plan to do more.  We also hope to leverage support from our community partners to provide for the long-term success of the project.  With your support, we can establish an excellent public green space that will serve the citizens of Randolph County for generations to come.  Please consider making a donation to support the Asheboro Arboretum.

Owen George, III

President, Trees NC


Make your check payable to:  City of Asheboro, Memo to:  Asheboro Arboretum Project

Mail to:    City of Asheboro, Attn:  Debbie Reaves

P O Box 1106

Asheboro, NC  27204