Collaboration For the Greater Good

When it comes to protecting the environment, collaboration is what it is all about.

A few months ago, Trees NC co-founder Tim Womick talked to our team about the organization Alliance for Community Trees -  and suggested that we become a member.

If you know Tim - you know that his ideas are usually quite visionary - Trees NC became a member of AC Trees this year.)

How delighted we were to receive a call last week informing us that that all ACTrees member organizations in good standing were to receive a carton of high-quality Boise ASPEN 30 Recycled Paper. ( The shipment arrived today! )

Many thanks to Boise ASPEN for this generous donation - and to AC Trees!

Boise ASPEN and ACTrees, working with local ACTrees member organizations, are partners in Project UP, an innovative environmental initiative to transform "brown" city lots in underserved neighborhoods into green urban parks.

Boise ASPEN is a lead sponsor of National NeighborWoods Month 2012, which supports the local tree planting work of ACTrees members nationwide.