Looking Forward to the Fall

Trees Seagrove was lucky to be included in the Acres for Atmosphere tree planting event that took place on Saturday,May 15,2010. The event was organized by Marrisa Krouse and Bob McCrory from the North Carolina Zoo in conjunction with Polar Bears International (PBI). Planting trees will create more oxygen in the atmosphere to help combat the rising level of carbon dioxide ,the major cause of melting Polar ice and Polar Bear habitat.

During the day, trees donated by generous , concerned businesses and citizens were planted by hand in and around the acreage on Fork Creek Mill Road in Seagrove by volunteers from the NC Zoo and Trees Seagrove. The heat and hard ground made it impossible to plant all the donated trees but about thirty five were wrestled into place by determined volunteers.The left-over trees were taken back to the Zoo to be cared for until a better planting time in the Fall.

During the event, several other sites in and around Seagrove were discussed as possible planting sites such as the Clay Presnell Park and the intersection of Broad Street and NC Highway 705.Trees Seagrove was asked to look around their town and find other areas that could use "sprucing" up. Any Seagrove-area resident that is interested in having a tree planted in their yard or has a suggestion please contact Trees Seagrove .The only requirement for planting the trees is permission from the Seagrove Town Council or property owners and, of course, cooler Fall weather!