NC Rep. Pat Hurley visits Boys & Girls Club

Rep. Pat Hurley calls on children to answer 
questions during her Civic Education program.
On Tuesday, Nov. 3 (Election Day!), NC Rep. Pat Hurley visited youth at the Boys & Girls Club participating in East Side Future Leaders Program. This program is sponsored by Trees Asheboro with funding by a grant from the NC Civic Education Consortium.

The children that participated in the event had done their homework on Rep. Pat Hurley to learn a little about her and her job as one of North Carolina's 120 State Representatives. Each came prepared with several great questions in hand.

How hard is your job? How many meetings do you have in a week? How do you make a law? Do you still live in Asheboro? Each participant had the chance to speak one-on-one with Rep. Hurley and ask their questions.

Rep. Hurley explained the basics of how the legislative branch works and the role she plays. She stressed to each child that her job as their NC State Representative was to speak for the people and help serve and protect the people of her community by voting on bills. She told the listeners that this past session she had perfect attendance in voting on every bill that came for vote.

Rep. Pat Hurley and youth from the 
Boys & Girls Club having a little fun during her visit.
Rep. Hurley gave each participant a booklet about state government as well as a patriotic USA flag lapel pin to take home. Trees Asheboro would like to thank Rep. Hurley for taking the time to come speak to the wonderful kids that participated in this Civic Education program. We are all working together to raise East Side Future Leaders!