Community Garden Bears Fruit

Trees Asheboro's Senior / Youth Community Garden is bringing joy and new life to Asheboro's East Side Neighborhood. Located on the grounds of a historic former Rosenwald School that now serves as housing for low income senior citizens, the garden is the scene of lively activity as various vegetables are lovingly tended by resident gardeners.

Trees Asheboro volunteer Deb Andrews conducts a program at the garden site each Thursday afternoon, often receiving additional assistance from a member of the local NC Master Gardeners chapter.

If you would like to visit the garden, feel free to drop by. The location is 414 Watkins Street, Asheboro, NC. Our Mistress of the Garden, Deb Andrews can be contacted at 336-328-5002.

The Trees Asheboro Senior/Youth Community Garden is supported by a generous grant from the Randolph Hospital Community Health Foundation.