TA Plans East Side Seniors / Youth Community Garden

Trees Asheboro has embarked upon a most exciting new project - a Seniors / Youth Community Garden to be created at East Side Homes in Asheboro. Residents of East Side will work together with members of the Central Boys and Girls Club to create a raised bed vegetable garden during the spring and summer of 2009.
In addition to providing healthy food for participants to share, the program is expected to serve as a valuable learning experience for all involved.
Supported by a generous grant from the Randolph Hospital Community Health Foundation, the Senior /Youth Community Garden is a pilot program that we hope to develop into a model for sustainable neighborhoods.
Asheboro's East Side neighborhood has a proud 150 year history as a cradle of African American cultural tradition. Living off the land has been a central part of this tradition, and the Senior / Youth Community Garden is an opportunity to pass along the wisdom of the elders to East Side's youth.
TA thanks all of who have pledged support to this exciting new project. A special thanks goes to the Randolph Hospital Community Health Foundation.