TreesNC Youth Garden Comes to Life

Springtime is here. And for participants in our East Side Garden program, the weeks ahead promise a bounty of fun, exercise, learning and fresh nutritious food.

None of this could happen with the support of our friends.  

Our garden has grown.  For his Eagle Scout project, Wilson Kidd of Asheboro organized and executed a project to build six large garden beds. 

We have help.  Retired police officer and NC Master Gardener Maxine Wright is taking a lead role in our Summer 16' East Side Garden program.  As an Asheboro police officer, Maxine worked hard to build positive relationships between the police department and residents of the East Side neighborhood.   The kids at the Central Boys and Girls Club love and respect Maxine - and she loves helping the kids learn about growing vegetables.  

Gardens require a lot of work.  If you are interested in being a part of the East Side Garden team, contact us!  336-505-7062