A key focus of TreesNC is to engage youth to participate in environmental improvement programs in their own neighborhoods.  Since 2004, we have engaged thousands of young people in a series of ongoing tree plantings, litter pick-up walks, gardening projects and educational programs.  With this firm foundation in place, TreesNC was in a unique position to conduct a high impact Environmental Leadership Program for youth aged 6-18 in Asheboro’s East Side neighborhood.

YES!YOUTH ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE—is an outreach and education program that provides participating youth the opportunity to witness and be motivated by “up close and personal” experiences with environmental and community leaders. Our pilot program, YES! East Side, has two key focuses—environmental education workshops and community service. By attending Environmental Educational Workshops, participants receive the tools and knowledge needed to become environmental stewards of their neighborhoods. The community service portion is helping participants develop “hands on” skills, while building self-esteem and a vested interest in their community.

YES! East Side is made possible through the support of the Park Foundation, Resourceful Communities, a program of The Conservation Fund; Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation: and Randolph Hospital Community health Foundation.