Trees Seagrove is Branching Out

The town of Seagrove is a unique place. As an urban center that serves a community of more than 100 pottery studios, Seagrove buzzes with creativity. Tourists from North Carolina - - and around the world enjoy the opportunity to shop for hand crafted pottery and other crafts in Seagrove.

The town also serves the needs of farming families and others who choose the Seagrove area as their home.

Trees Seagrove is Seagrove's environmental service chapter of Trees NC.

Since the formation of Trees Seagrove, volunteers have worked together to plant hundreds of trees, mulch the grounds of schools and public buildings -- and build community spirit.

We invite you to join us!

For information, contact 336-465-4125.

(pictured: Marissa Krouse leading a mass tree planting in Seagrove)