Liberty Begins to Bloom

Following several difficult years, the Town of Liberty is beginning to experience signs of growth and prosperity. Like many small North Carolina towns, Liberty has suffered from the loss of key manufacturers in industries such as furniture and textiles. Without the jobs that these industries provided, countless small businesses suffered the loss of customers - and a vicious cycle of economic hardship began.

But Liberty is not a town that gives up easily.

Dedicated citizens and a determined city government have worked hard to plant the seeds of new growth for the town.
One of these seeds came in the form of Trees Liberty, a collaboration between Trees NC and local citizens and officials.

When Liberty's Town Manager Roger Davis set out to beautify the downtown area with urban trees, he turned to Trees Liberty for help. The group helped set a plan in motion and provided funds for the purchase of trees that now add beauty to the downtown area.

There are several new developments that bring a renewed sense of confidence and hope for the Town of Liberty. A leading plastic coloring manufacturer is bringing 70 new jobs to the town. A new wine and cheese shop draws a lively crowd several nights a week. And, the Liberty Nature Research Library houses a large collection of books and resources for nature lovers.

Yes, Liberty is beginning to bloom! Trees Liberty is happy to play a part in the process.