City of Asheboro Plants 100th Tree of 2009, as Asheboro's Acme-McCrary Celebrates 100 Years

Representatives of Acme-McCrary's past and present, 
along with Mayor David Jarrell, celebrate 100 years
of operations in Asheboro by planting ten trees, 
including the City's 100th tree of 2009.

Thursday, October 29, 2009 was the perfect fall day to celebrate important milestones. Asheboro's Acme-McCrary, along with the City of Asheboro, celebrated its 100th year of continuous operation in Asheboro.

Asheboro Mayor David Jarrell spoke of the important role Acme-McCrary has provided over the years to the community--from products to employment to its generous gifts to the community. Mayor Jarrell spoke fondly of his memories of the industrial baseball league and the Acme-McCrary team, stating that it was first-class baseball.

Adding to the celebration of 100 years of service, Acme-McCrary planted 10 new trees-one for every decade of operation, and partnered with the City of Asheboro's "Clean Up, Green Up" initiative.

Mayor Jarrell has proposed that the City of Asheboro plant 100 trees a year for the next ten years. The tenth tree planted during the Acme-McCrary celebration was recognized as the 100th tree planted in conjunction with the City of Asheboro for 2009.

Trees NC was honored to be invited and attend the celebration of 100 years with Acme-McCrary and the 100th tree with the City of Asheboro!

Mayor David Jarrell and Trees NC Board 
Member Richard Cox posing in front of 
the City of Asheboro's 100th tree planted in 2009.