Birth of an Arboretum in Asheboro

Asheboro Arboretum Mission and Vision Statement


To acquire, preserve and enhance a secluded and historically significant 3-acre downtown green-space, to become a public Arboretum for current and future generations.


The Asheboro Arboretum will serve as:

·         A restorative and tranquil refuge for visitors

·         A protected habitat for plants and wildlife, with a focus upon the use of native plants, Including trees, shrubs, and ground-cover that are indigenous to our geographic region

·         An example of best practices in natural landscape design and horticulture methods

·         An opportunity for visitors to learn about native plants and local history


Tax deductible donations to:  City of Asheboro

Memo to:  Asheboro Arboretum Project

Mail to:      City of Asheboro 

Attn:  Debbie Reaves

P O Box 1106

Asheboro, NC  27204